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258. Penshurst.—This parish is not named in (D.B.), and in (A.D. 1291) it is styled "Penecestre." We learn from (Reg. Roff., 460, 469) that A.D. 1239 John Belemeyns, canon of St. Paul's and lord of the manor of Penshurst, founded a chapel upon his domain, but, as it is expressly stated, within the parish of Leigh. Hasted notices this chapel in his account of Penshurst, but describes it under Leigh, there intimating, through a confused use of his authorities shortly to be pointed out, that it existed before the erection of Belemeyns in 1239, and asserting plainly, that it was suppressed 1st of K. Edward VI: but he produces no evidence for his statements, neither does he assign any locality for his suppressed chapel. On the contrary the old deeds preserved in (Reg. Roff.) seem to testify, that Penshurst originally formed part of Leigh parish; that Belemeyns's chapel was the prototype of the existing parish church of Penshurst; and that it was at first considered only a chapel-of-ease to Leigh, though in process of time it acquired all the privileges of a distinct parish. The first document, "De fundatione capellæ infra parochiam de Leghe," granting the patronage to the founder and his heirs, contains the following expressions: "Nos inspecta carta domini Johannis Canuci patroni ecclesie de Legh, et Richardi ejusdem ecclesie rectoris, et Alani vicarii dicte ecclesie, super quadam capella sita infra curiam domini Johannis Belemeyns, in parochia dicte eeclesie, prospecta eciam undique indempnitate matricis ecclesie de Leghe, prefato domino Johanni Belemeyns et successoribus suis confirmavimus, &c.: We, after inspection of the charter of Mr. John Canucus patron of the church of Legh, and of Richard rector of the same church, and of Alan vicar of the said church, respecting a certain chapel situated below the hall of Mr. John Belemeyns, in the parish of the said church, the indemnity of the mother church of Leghe also being in every respect provided for, have confirmed to the aforesaid John Belemeyns and his successors, &c., A.D. 1239:" John Belemeyns being styled, as above, canon of St. Paul's and lord of the manor of Penshurst. Next we have an Indulgence, dated 1249, which speaks of "capella in curia manerii de Peneshurste constructa—a chapel constructed in the manorhouse of Peneshurste" dedicated to St. Thomas. In the Confirmatory Charter, also dated in 1249, the patron of Leigh, the parson, and the vicar grant to Thomas of Penshurst a free chapel for ever in his manor of Penshurst to be served by his own chaplain, with reservation of certain payments to Leigh; especially