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tesseræ, were traced into a field, well known as the site of a Roman bath, discovered in 1717, and described by Dr. Tabor in Number 351 of the Philosophical Transactions. (M. A. Lower, in Sussex Express, 23 Dec. 1848; also in Suss. Arch. Coll. II, 257.)

38. Bourne, West.—The church contains a piscina. (Horsfield's Suss. II, 76.) "Warblitetone in Hampshire appertains to this manor Huic manerio pertinet Warblitetone in Hantescire. —There are two churches." (D.B.) Whence we must suppose, that one of these churches was in Hampshire, at the adjoining parish of Warblington, as now called.

39. Boxgrove.—"Clerici æcclesiæ" are mentioned here by (D.B.), but not a church, which however is necessarily inferred from the above words. Perhaps indeed the clerks of Chichester may be meant; but more probably those of Boxgrove.—The church is a portion of that belonging to the old priory. Of the nave ruins only remain, showing it to have been Norman, while the general character of the tower, transepts, and choir is E.E.; and it is greatly to be regretted, that so rich and beautiful a specimen of architecture is not more prized, and taken better care of, with regard to substantial repair, as well as to ornamental appearance. In its perfect condition this church had the same peculiarity as that of New Shoreham and some others, that the nave was short in proportion to the choir or chancel. It is stated (in Magna Britannia), that Boxgrove Priory was founded by Robert de Haya, temp. K. Henry I. The refectory is standing, and now used as a barn.—That of Boxgrove was an alien priory, a cell to Essay Abbey in Normandy, declared, as above, to have arisen "about" the time of K. Henry I. (Monast. IV, 641.)

40. Bracklesham.—The name of "Braclesham" occurs in (A.D. 1291), but "Ecclia" is erased, and there is the following marginal note, which I do not comprehend. "Ecclia hie cancellat' et Vicar' inscrit' ob causa' annotata' in med' de A' xviii int' Recorda de T'mo Sci Hillarii." However the church is mentioned subsequently in the (Nonæ Roll), and Bracklesham is there styled a parish. Also in (Val. Eccl.) we read, "E. Wittering cum Brakelsham." Of the latter place the church has now disappeared, and according to Dallaway, Bracklesham was annexed to East Wittering A.D. 1518.

42. Bramber.—In (Val. Eccl.) we find "Brambrough cum Botolph's," which annexation is stated by Cartwright to have taken