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may be stated generally to have prevailed till about A.D. 1200 ; the Early English may be called the style of the thirteenth century ; the Decorated to have been adopted during the larger portion of the fourteenth; the last style, namely, the Perpendicular, having been introduced toward the conclusion of the fourteenth century, became that of the fifteenth, but, though practised so late as A.D. 1640, and even subsequently, it had already greatly declined from its perfection. (Gloss. of Architect.)

In the following Notes,

The abbreviation . . Norm., stands for Norman.
" Tr. Norm. " Transition Norman, intermediate between the first and second styles.
" E. E. " Early English.
" Dec. " Decorated.
" Perp. " Perpendicular.

For the same reason, namely, the sake of brevity, the references to Domesday Book are not given at full length, but short, as (D.B.) A similar rule is observed with regard to other works, which are frequently cited, the entire titles being named on the first occasion, but contractions afterwards employed. All works cited are invariably placed between parentheses.