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repair, or rather partial reconstruction, in particular the interior as entirely refitted; which alterations effected a prodigious improvement in the general appearance, no less than the actual condition, of the edifice, which like many other flint fabrics, was previously in a state of much decay. It is composed of chancel, nave with south aisle and a chancel, north porch, and western tower with a shingled spire. The chancel or chapel to the aisle is the mausoleum of Earl Onslow's family. The porch is mentioned as an example of the Dec. style. (Rickman, 185, ed. 1848.) When the tower was pulled down, preparatory to rebuilding it, there was found in the wall a broken sacring bell, about three inches in diameter, outside measure, at the bottom, two inches and five-eighths high exclusive of the iron handle, and including the latter, four and a quarter inches.

68. Merstham.—"The archbishop holds Merstham for the clothing of the monks de vestitu monachorum." (D. B.) As already mentioned, similar entries not unfrequently occur. The church consists of chancel, nave, north and south aisles with chancels wider than the aisles, south porch, and square west tower with a shingled spire. It contains portions of E.E., Dec., and Perp. work. The high chancel has a double piscina under a square-headed-tref oiled arch. The same roof extends over both nave and aisles. The clerestory windows are quatrefoils opening into the aisles. The font is Norm., square, of Weald marble. Brasses: two wives and seven daughters of John Elmebrygge, husband and son lost 14 .. [N.B. The date is unfinished]; Thomas Elmerugge alias Elynbrugge and wife, 1507. [N.B. Lately reset.] Also a mutilated effigy of a female with a reticule at her right side! The date of John Elmebrygge is given as 1472; John Newdegate, 1498; Peter and Rich. Best (children) 1587. (M. & B.)

69. Merton.—Though Stow places the foundation of the priory here A.D. 1092, the true date appears to be in the commencement of the twelfth century, the founders being K. Henry I and Gilbert Norman. Tanner names the year 1117, and Lysons 1115, but the latter' s statement on the subject is partially invalidated by Mr. Bray in his additions to Manning's account of the priory (in their Hist, of Surrey). K. Henry's charter is dated A.D. 1121, and Gilbert Norman died in 1125 according to Matt. Paris. (Monast. VI, 245, and num. i, 247.)—In M. & B.'s Surrey is a plate of the remains of Merton priory,