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10. Betchworth.—Chancel, southern ditto of similar extent, nave, narrow north and south aisles, west and south porches, tower at east end of south aisle, and modern brick addition on north of chancel. A large and lofty building, the arrangement of which appears somewhat unusual. The tower originally stood in the corresponding position on the northern side, but has recently been erected as at present, the repairs and alterations being still in progress when visited. South porch modern, of brick; the other old, of stone. There are portions of all styles, from Norm, downwards. All windows, but one in northern side and those in east end, Dec., the others Perp. In wall of south chancel a tomb arch, Dec., or rather E.E., under a square hood. Of the Brass of Will. Wardyworth, the inscription only remains. In south chancel a very large iron-bound oak chest of the rudest possible shape.

31. Crowhurst.—In the chancel of Checkenden Church, Oxfordshire, is the memorial of a Gaynesford from Crowhurst, who was wife of — Rede, one of a family settled at Checkenden, or in the vicinity, and still possessing a residence and estate in the adjoining parish of Ipsden.