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Webster, Dowager Lady, Battle Abbey, Sussex.
Weguelin, Rev. W. A., South Stoke, Sussex.
Welldon, Rev. J. I, LL.D., Tonbridge, Kent, (2 copies).
Wetherell, Rev. R., Pashley, Sussex.
Willement, T., Esq., Davington Priory, Kent.
Williams, Col., Reading, Berks.—Deceased.
Williams, Miss E. L., Reading, Berks.
Willis, C. Esq., Cranbrook, Kent.
Willis, Rev. T., Southwick, Sussex, (2 copies).
Wilson, Rev. J., D.D., President of Trinity College, Oxford.
Winchester, Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of, Farnham Castle.
Winston, Rev. B.
Wood, H., Esq., Ovingdean House, Sussex.
Woodward, Miss, Uckfield.
Wollaston, R., Esq,, Dovers, Surrey.
Wrench, Rev. J. G., LL.D., Salehurst, Sussex.

The End.

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