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232 OCCULT JAPAN. �ranee ; it evolved a peculiarly mystifying doubt. For the priestly evidence was bit- terly baffling. No sooner had one man con- vincingly told his tale than another came along with an upsettingly opposite story. The sole point in which the tellers substan- tially agreed lay in ascribing it pretty unan- imously each to his own particular faith. The Shintoists asserted that it was Shinto ; the Buddhists that it was Buddhist ; while the Ryobuists ascribed it at times to the one, but more commonly to the other. A few humble brethren modestly admitted that they did not know. �The only fact that emerged tolerably self- evident from this bundle of contradiction was that somebody had stolen the cult from somebody else, but as to which of these rep- utable parties was the reprehensible robber, and which his unfortunate victim, the poor investigator was left sadly at a loss to dis- cover. �Where doctors of divinity disagreed in this alarming manner, it seemed hopeless to try to decide between them. Under such weighty counter-assertions one's own opinion swung balance-wise to settle at last to the lowest ��� �