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364 OCCULT JAPAN". �visitor does any hesitation or difficulty re suit. But the man's sense of his own iden- tity does not change, because it is not a part of the dominant idea that it should. When by suggestion an idea of such change enters his mind, identity changes at once. �In perfect subjects there is no conscious- ness of constraint. It is only when the hyp- nosis is imperfect that side-ideas are roused enough to suggest the possibility of acting otherwise. The subject then becomes dimly aware of compulsion, without, however, hav- ing any definite conception of what that com- pulsion consists. He simply feels that he must do so and so ; and he does it. �In waking life, a fixed idea will often mask itself in the same manner. We feel that we must act in a certain way, often in a very trivial way, against our will, as we say, yet without questioning for an instant that it is we who act. As a matter of fact, it is the idea that for the moment is the I ; and the faint remonstrance of which we are con- scious is due to such faint side-ideas as are roused by its action. �But in the possession trance the dominant idea consists consciously in a change of iden* ��� �