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Home Made Wines

pounds mulberries, five pounds raspberries. Pick all these fruits clean from their stalks, etc., bruise them, and let them stand twelve hours, but do not suffer them to ferment. Press out the juice, and to every pint add three ounces of sugar. When the sugar is dissolved, run it through the filtering bag, and to every five pints of liquor add four pints of proof spirit, together with the same proportion of spirit drawn from spices.


Take two pounds of small wild black cherries, with their kernels bruised, one gallon proof spirit. Digest for a month, strain, and add two pounds of sugar. A little citron peel may also be added at pleasure.


Take of peach or apricot kernels, with their shells bruised, in number one hundred and twenty, four pints proof spirit, ten ounces sugar. Some reduce the spirit of wine to proof with the juice of apricots or peaches, to make this liquor.


Take two ounces of fresh peel of Seville oranges, one-half gallon proof spirit, one-half pound sugar. Digest for six hours.