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The Revolutionary Committee is certain that in all its present onerous work it will have the active support of all those who have suffered from plutocratic tyranny, for the poor have nothing to lose by revolution but sordid misery and odious slavery.

They have a world to gain!

To Arms! To Arms!!

Signed on behalf of the

Revolutionary Committee,


Commander-in-Chief of the Revolutionary Forces.

This manifesto having been posted up in all places of public resort, was at once acted upon. The newspapers, telegraphs, and railways, which hitherto had been always at the disposal of the plutocracy, were, if used at all, used only by the strikers to facilitate their own operation.

The Revolutionary Committee also strengthened its hands tremendously at this period by the institution of Nationl Workshops and Stores, which supplied the strikers and other revolutionists with the necessaries of life and the sinews of war.