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Oliver Twist.

always wore, and through dirt, and beard, and whisker, there still shone unimpaired the self- satisfied smirk of flash Toby Crackit. Then the Jew in an agony of impatience watched every morsel he put into his mouthy pacing up and down the room meanwhile in irrepressible excitement. It was all of no use. Toby continued to eat with the utmost outward indifference until he could eat no more; and then ordering the Dodger out, closed the door, mixed a glass of spirits and water, and composed himself for talking.

"First and foremost, Fagey," said Toby.

"Yes, yes!" interposed the Jew, drawing up his chair.

Mr. Crackit stopped to take a draught of spirits and water, and to declare that the gin was excellent; and then placing his feet against the low mantelpiece, so as to bring his boots to about the level of his eye quietly resumed.

"First and foremost, Fagey," said the house-breaker, "how's Bill?"

"What!" screamed the Jew, starting from his seat.