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"Come on," said the jailer.

"Oh ah! I 'll come on," replied the Dodger, brushing his hat with the palm of his hand. "Ah! (to the Bench) it 's no use your looking frightened; I won"t show you no mercy, not a ha'porth of it. You 'll pay for this, my fine fellers; I wouldn't be you for something. I wouldn't go free now if you was to fall down on your knees and ask me. Here, carry me off to prison. Take me away."

With these last words the Dodger suffered himself to be led off by the collar, threatening till he got into the yard to make a parliamentary business of it; and then grinning in the officer's face with great glee and selfapproval.

Having seen him locked up by himself in a little cell, Noah made the best of his way back to where he had left Master Bates. After waiting here some time he was joined by that young gentleman, who had prudently abstained from showing himself until he had looked carefully abroad from a snug retreat, and ascer-