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It 's worth the money to bring him up to it—Bolter's throat, Bill; never mind the girl—Bolter's throat as deep as you can cut. Saw his head off."

"Fagin," said the jailer.

"That 's me!" cried the Jew, falling instantly into precisely the same attitude of listening that he had assumed upon his trial. "An old man, my Lord; a very old, old man."

"Here," said the turnkey, laying his hand upon his breast to keep him down. "Here 's somebody wants to see you, to ask you some questions, I suppose. Fagin, Fagin. Are you a man?"

"I shan't be one long," replied the Jew, looking up with a face retaining no human expression but rage and terror. "Strike them all dead! what right have they to butcher me?"

As he spoke he caught sight of Oliver and Mr. Brownlow, and shrinking to the furthest corner of the seat, demanded to know what they wanted there.

"Steady," said the turnkey, still holding