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applied to himself: "I know no author in any language whose literary fame has risen so far beyond his real merit."

72. Cocoa Cordage.

According to Barros, the salt water produces an effect upon it analogous to tanning...enverdece com a agua salgada,.. and it becomes so strong, that it seems made of leather, contracting or dilating at the will of the sea; so that a thick cable of this material, when a ship riding at anchor bears upon it, will be stretched out so thin that it would appear too weak to secure a common bark, and when the ship falls back it shrinks up, and remains as thick as ever. D.3, l.3. c.7.

Coco is the Portugueze word for a bugbear; it was applied to the fruit from the resemblance of an ugly face, which may be traced at the stalk-end.

73. Odour of Sanctity.

When Swedenborg went through the