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venture to go through, for they said, if this water go not through, we are all cast away, for it is impossible to return again against the current. Then I answered, friends, we may as well adventure our lives now as we have done heretofore in many places; if not, we must make accompt to live here like wild beasts, where we shall have life as long as pleaseth God, without credit, name, or religion; wherefore I think that our best way is to go through if we can; for no doubt but that God that hath hitherto delivered us from dangers infinite, at this time will not forsake us; and questionless, if it be our fortunes to pass on the other side, we shall find either Spaniards or Indians, for I am sure that each of you hath heard, that on a fair day it is to be discerned from the top of Potasin to this mountain. After I had thus spoken, the Portugals determined to venture to go through: we made a great raft of great canes, three yards and a half broad and