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serve. But it is probable that the Portuguese and English writers both have had recourse to the same store-house of fable.

83. Cold-bathing in Fevers.

Amerigo Vespucci describes cold bathing as the remedy for fever which was used by the American Indians; but they accompanied it with a practice which must have counteracted its beneficial effects. "Cum eorum quempiam febricitare contigit, horâ quâ febris eum asperius inquietat, ipsum in frigentissimam aquam immergunt & balneant, postmodumque per duas horas circa ignem validum, donec plurimum calescat, currere & recurrere cogunt, & postremo ad dormiendum deferunt, quo quidem medicamento complures eorum sanitati restitui vi imus"

84. Payment of a Copyer of Books.

The form of a written agreement, which is preserved in the Partidas, happens to relate to a curious subject. It is the bargain of a copyer or scribe.