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Nicholas Antonio relates this fact as well as Gil Gonzalez, who has recorded it in their different works. This useful historian was never weary of praising Tostado, hecause all his praises redounded to the honour and glory of Avila, the bishop's see, and the historians birth place. No mention of this singular circumstance is made by Hernando de Pulgar, his earliest biographer but this does not invalidate the story, because that author probably died before it occurred.

Gil Gonzalez in his His. del Rey. D. Henrique 3, has preserved the bishop's epitaph.

Aqui yaze sepultado
quien virgen vivio y murio;
en ciencias mas esmerado,
el nuestro Obispo Tostado,
que nuestro nation honró.
Es mui cierto que escrivio
para cada dia tres pliegos
de los dias que vivio :
su dotrina assi alumbro,
que haze ver a los ciegos.