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it to acts of devotion are apparent, and of this no doubt the Jesuit and the other teachers of this doctrine were well aware. Let but an enthusiast be once taught to keep the understanding passive, and the imagination awake, and dreams, apparitions, rapts, ecstasies, with all the other symptoms of hagiomania, will follow in the natural course of the disease.

100. Parchment-book-covers.

Labat was told in Italy that books in carta pecora as they call it, were better preserved than in leather-binding. Il me semble qu'ils se trompent, he says, mais cette relieure est â beaucoup meilleur marchè et pese moins,.. ils ont raison par ces deux endroits. But the Italians were right; books in parchment are not so liable to be worm eaten:—I am not sure that they suffer at all from these insects which make such ravages upon leather bound books in a hot country, and sometimes even in our own. Perhaps