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118. Επεα πτεροεντα, i.e. Hasty Words.

I crave mercy (at least of my contemporaries: for if the Omniana should outlive the present generation, the opinion will not need it), but I could not help writing in the blank page of a very celebrated work the following passage from Picus Mirandola in Epist. ad Hermol. Barb.

Movent mihi stomachum Grammatistæ quidam, qui cum duas tenuerint vocabulorum origines, ita se ostentant, ita venditant, ita circumferunt jactabundi ut præ ipsis pro nihilo habendos Philosophos arbitrentur.

119. Motives and Impulses.

It is a matter of infinite difficulty, but fortunately of comparative indifference, to determine what a man's motive may have been for this or that particular action. Rather seek to learn what his objects in general are. What does he habitually wish? habitually pursue? and