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The following is offered as a mere playful illustration:

"Women have no souls, says Prophet Mahomet."

Nay, dearest Anna! why so grave?
I said, you had no soul, 'tis true:
For what you are, you cannot have
'tis I, that have one, since I first had you.

125. Party Passion.

"Well, Sir!" (exclaimed a lady, the vehement and impassionate partizan of Mr. Wilkes, in the day of his glory, and during the broad blaze of his patriotism,) "Well, Sir! and will you dare deny, that Mr. Wilkes is a great man, and an eloquent man? Oh! by no means, Madam! I have not a doubt respecting Mr. Wilkes's talents.—Well, but, Sir! and is he not a fine man, too, and a handsome man?—Why he Madam! he squints — doesn't he? Squints! yes, to be sure, he does, Sir! but not a bit more, than a gentleman and a man of sense ought to squint!!