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"Kingston, July 2, 1801,


"About two years ago, from the Subscriber, a Negro Woman, named


purchased from Alexander M'Kean, Esq. she is about 20 years of age, and 5 feet 6 or 7 inches high; has a mark on one of her shoulders, about the size of a quarter dollar, occasioned, she says, by the yaws; of a coal black complexion, very artful, and most probably passes about the country with false papers, and under another name; if that is not the case, it must be presumed she is harboured about Green Pond, where she has a mother and other connexions."

What a History! Horses and Negroes! Negroes and Horses! It makes me tremble at my own Nature!—Surely, every religious and conscientious Briton is equally a debtor in gratitude to Tho-