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the dead in the church. He therefore, not without great opposition, succeeded in abolishing this practice, and set apart a large burying ground, or Campo Santo, as it is called, about three musket shots from the town. From that time the fever has ceased to appear... Tarma stands in a spot which is so surrounded with mountains as to be absolutely unventilated;.. its unhealthiness had always been imputed to its situation, and it had obtained the name of el pais de las tercianas,.. the country of tertians.

Mercurio Peruana, Enero 27,
1791, T. 1, f.57.

I do marvail, says good old Bishop Latimer, that London, being so rich a city, hath no burying place without, for no doubt it is an unwholsome thing to bury within the city, specially at such a time when there be great sicknesses, and many die together. I think verily that many a man taketh his death in Paul's Church-yard; and this I speak