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them, as torches to light up the streets of Rome. They were so many living wicks of Asbestos, fed with the inextinguishable oil of divine vengeance, that they might be burning and shining lights to the world. If Jonathan Edwards had seen this book he might have adopted its hypothesis as a new proof of "the glory of God in the damnation of sinners."

With what feelings could this man have looked at the setting sun?

18. Transplanting Trees.

The King of the Adites, in Thalaba, removes a full grown forest to his garden of Irem.

————Should the King
Wait for slow Nature's work?
Vol. i. p. 23.

Where romancers and novelists stop short of positive miracle, their most extraordinary inventions are paralleled or exceeded by the history of real life. The Czar[1] Peter did the same thing as She-

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