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and lets it fall into the sea behind the rudder; this, he says, hinders the waves from breaking, and calms the sea; but the scent of the grease attracts the whales, which put the vessel in danger."

31: An heptastic Vocable

At the end of Littleton's Dictionary is an inscription for the Monument, wherein this very learned scholar proposes a name for it, worthy for its length of a sanscrit legend. It is a word which extends through seven degrees of longitude, being designed to commemorate the names of the seven Lord Mayors of London, under whose respective mayoralties the Monument was begun, continued, and completed.

Quam non una aliqua ac simplici voce, uti istam quondam Duilianam;

Sed, ut vero eam Nomine indigites, Vocubulo con structiliter Heptastego



Appelites opportebit.