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Olivares prevented him from walking uprightly through the world.

Some celebrity a prince may acquire by dancing. Oh mine Gott! an old German used to say, who remembered the last Duke of York upon his travels, Oh mine Gott! de Duke of York vas-de mose accompleesh gentleman dat ever I did see at dance-a de minnuett! He never went into a ball room withing regretting the Duke of York, and sighing for the inferiority of all who attempted to dance a de minnuett after him. The Duke's fame has probably died with this old German. There is something melancholy in calling to mind the barren accomplishments of the dead, even more so than in remembering beauty which is faded. In all the operations of nature there is a view to the future; it should be so with the actions of man, and those pursuits which have no other aim beyond mere present gratification, are unworthy of him. I subscribe therefore, to the prohibition of the Quakers against