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Inquiry Offices

after pacing up and down for a quarter of an hour, and seeing no sign of a conveyance, he returned to the office and enquired when it would arrive.

"It's gone," the official said.

"Then it didn't start from here," the traveller declared. "I've been waiting outside since twenty past four."

"What train do you want to catch?"

"The half-past five, to be sure. I told you so."

"Oh, we ain't got no omnibus to catch that train."

"But man, you said that you had one to each train."

"I told you it was all down in writing on that there board, and you ought to have seen for yourself there ain't no omnibus for the half-past five."

The traveller again turned to the hoard, and glaring at it, declared angrily, "There's nothing of the kind state here!"

The official pointed to a small cross against the 5.30 train and said triumphantly, "'This here mark means there ain't no omnibus."