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Protea.] THE NATURAL OllDEK OF PROTEEiE. AIas. Protea globosa. Sims in Bot. Mag. n. 878, cum Ic. per* peram fucatd. Protea globosa, Kenn. in Bot. Rep. n. 307. cum I<i — One-coloured Euryspermum. Introduced in 1786, by Messrs. Lee and Kemvedv. and grows wild near Palmtt Rivier. Leaves 6 to 9 lines broad, 14. to 2 inches long, obovate-lanceolate with the callosity alittle pointed, pubescent when old, those near the flowers green like the others, yet often tinged with red towards the bottom. Heads of Flowers not globular either in Males or Females, tor which reason I have given it a name expressing one of its speclHc differences. Scales of the Cone very numerous, oblong. Protea. Lb Floras in Capitulo terminali. Flowers In a terminal Head. Bractea 1 inter singulos cum A single Bracte to each, with geniniaceis parvis; fseinineorum smalt scales below; becoming demum liguoste. Pericarpium woody in females. Pericarpium nuciforme, lignosum. Stylus like a Nut, woody. Style in basi vel totus pcrsistens. Ar- part, or all persistent. Trees bores Fruticesve, foUii integris. or Shrubs, with entire leaves. The genus was so named by Linne, as it theu stood, from its various shaped leaves and tlowers.

  • Pericarpium fere /mdutn.

, P. foliis 6-8 lineas latis, 2-3 poUtcea longis, ellipticis, subre- Strobitina ; tusis, adultis vix Icevibus : fxmineorum coroUis spiraliter imbrica- tis, Ixvibus : pericarpio late turbinato. Mas. p. strobilina. Thunb. Diss. n. 44 — F<em. P. strobilina? Zinn. Mant. p. I9S Strobiled Protea.