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Recollections of Men.

hand, told him he would provide him books and pens; he went to school to Mr. Ball.

Douglass: Slim, but even taller than McLoughlin; his hands reached below his knees.

Peter Skeen Ogden: A tall, big man—big as McLoughlin; an American by birth.

Donald Manson: A large man; face ruddy; white hair.

Jason Lee: Very tall, powerful; not straight.

Doctor Barclay: Medium height, heavy set.

Pambrun: Medium size; his wife from the Red River.

Archibald McKinley: Lived across the river from Champoeg; big man; red face.

George T. Allen: A small looking man; he was nicknamed Twahalasky, Indian name for coon; and a small-sized Cascade Indian bearing that name traded names with Allen.

James Birnie: A powerful, heavy man; very fine looking; exceedingly hospitable.

Alexander Latty: A fine man; captain of steamer Beaver two years; he was also mate of the schooner Cadboro, built in England.

Captain Scarborough: Medium size, good looking; father of Edward Scarborough, of Cathlamet; had a Chinook wife; made frequent trips to England in command of Hudson Bay vessels, and introduced pigs and Shanghai chickens from China; also took pains to bring ornamental shrubbery, perhaps introduced the "Mission Rose."

Captain Brotchie: Another sea captain on Hudson Bay vessels; introduced from England the "Brotchie" potato, an early kidney variety.

Robert Newell: A very fine man; Labonte's captain when in the Indian war of '56, stationed at Vancouver.