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PRESERVATION OF INDIAN NAMES 367 be named even though they may not be high. Eventually they will be named so it behooves the Society to get there first. After settling on as many names as possible the Society should arrange to blue print as many maps as possible and dis- tribute them gratis to as many different people in the county as practicable and above all get them on sale at cost in all the localities where they could possibly be needed or where, there is any likelihood of a sale of a map. Make good maps and sell them cheaper than anybody. All of the county societies should of course, co-operate with the State Society, whose office should be to get out a state map introducing all the suggestions that seem feasible of the various county societies. The passenger departments of the railway companies get out great numbers of state maps. They are also interested in pre- serving anything that will attract tourist travels. Indian names with the legends which go with many of them certainly appeal to the tourist. The adoption by the railway map makers oi even a portion of the names suggested by the historical society would fix them definitely. The automobile clubs are putting up signs in many places over the country. It would be wise to operate in conjunction with them. They will furnish the cost of the sign and fre- quently are only too glad to have some one interested locally who can give them information and cooperate with them in the protection of signs. A simple sign will frequently change the name of a cross road that has another name for years. In a rocky county a man in an automobile with a can of paint can do much to fixing the names on the map as sent out by the society. Mountain peaks and buttes should have the names cut into some rock wall near the summit. The carving of such name can often be made the excuse of delightful excursions which not only result in the name being cut into the rock but also newspaper attention, which furthers the fixing of the new name. If the county engineer happens to be an enthusiastic member of the historical society the plan of campaign as mapped out is