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AUTHORS OF EARLY TAMIL CULTURE the Dravidian civilization was derived from outside sources, and was linked up with Egypt and Mesopotamia.? Physical features have been taken into account in determining racial elements. Prehistoric craniology can be studied from the finds at Adichanallur, Nal in Baluchistan and Mohenjo Daro. It has been concluded that the Mohenjo Daro skulls of Proto-Australoid type are related to the skulls from Kish, from Adichanallur and from those of the modern Veddahs. According to Elliot Smith an Adichanallur skull is indistinguishable from the early Egyptian type. The generally accepted theory is that the earliest inhabitants of the Peninsula were negroid in type, akin to the Kadars and Uralis of South Indian forests and their contribution was probably the bow and the cult of the ficus tree-a fertility cult. They were displaced by the Proto-Australoid. Introduction of pottery is considered to be their contribution. Boomerang and the blow gun in South India and totemism are again regarded as theirs. Next came the Mediterranean race. It is these that have been largely responsible for the physical composition of the peoples of India and especially South India, and that have enriched South Indian culture. Arts of agriculture and navigation came with them. This was from the eastern Mediterranean. With them the Armenoids mingled. According to Thurston (Castes and Tribes of South India, Vol. I) a typical Armenoid skull is just like that of a South Indian Hindu. This combination of the