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Orphee aux Enfers.

Or. Madam, I am a slave to public opinion, but I have sworn to kill all your admirers—

Eu. With your bow?

Or. No, madam. I deem it unnecessary to let you know the way I intend to catch the marauder. Suffice it for you to know this: I advise him not to gambol in yonder meadows.

Eu. Who will hinder him?

Or. Who? Some nic-nacks I have strewn in the corn-fields.

Eu. What mean you?

Or. Nothing more. I hasten to my lessons. Adieu, darling duck. Nic-nacks for the little fellow! Take care. Adieu! (Exit.)


Eu. What does he mean with his nic-nacks for the little fellow! That awful man is capable of doing any thing. Some wolf traps, I suppose. He is so jealous; and Aristee just comes through the meadow to gambol with me. Let us hasten to meet him. The poor fellow is sure to be caught. Let us run! (Exit, right side; at the same moment Aristee appears on the left.)



Ar. (Recitatif.) I am Aristee, a shepherd of Arcadia,
Owner of beehives;
I live contented with the rustic pleasures
Which the gods give to the country people.


To see through the vines,
Between heaven and earth
My swarm of bees
Distilling their honey;
To see the dawn of the day,
And each morn
To say, I hope
To see thee again,—

That is the fete
Of an honest mind,
The true happiness
Of the heart.

(Spoken very naif.) Just so!