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Orphee aux Enfers.


Or.,(to Opinion.) I don't want to; she is a bore to me!

Op.,(threatening with the whip.) Go ahead . . . obey me.

Or.,(in passionate strains.) Great King of heavens and earth,
See my sadness and misery,
My grief and my solitude—
I come to demand justice.

Diana,(Gluck's music.) "They have seduced his Eurydicea . . . .

Or.,(continues the tune on his violin.) "And the seducer is Pluto."
(Jupiter assumes a meditative attitude.)

Ju.Be all silent!
I will pronounce the sentence!
Ye all that hear me,
Gods and Divinities,
Punishing justly crime and injustice,
I sentence Pluto to give up Eurydicea!

Or.,(aside.) Heavens! I get her back!

Pl.(aside.) Heavens! he gets her back!

Ju.And in order to enforce my supreme will
Below, I shall, Pluto, go myself.

Diana, Venus, Cupido. (kneeling.) Jupe, do take us along.
Ju.,(with kindness.) Well, all Olympia will go with me.


Glory! glory to Jupiter!
Glory to the merciful Deity,
He consents to take us along
To sweet infernal regions!

Ju.Let us go.


Let us go!
No more nectar, no more blue skies,
Are we not going to laugh a bit?
Thanks, Jupe! thanks, Jupe!

Or. and Pl.It is shameful! it is revolting!
Right is triumphant!
Adieu to happiness! Love, adieu!