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Orphee aux Enfers.



ORPHEUS (leaning on Opinion as is done in tragedies)

Yes, I am convinced, notwithstanding her faults,
'Tis my wife. I shall ignore her caprices—
Mighty king of . . . .

Ju.Enough . . I know the formula!
I know thy desire. Let us hurry matters—
Faithful to my promise; in accordance with thy wishes,
And in accord with Pluto, take thy Eurydicea.
Go . . . .

Or., (with philosophy.) Jupe is too kind and Pluto is too good!

(Pluto sneers at Jupiter and rubs his hands)

Ju. (stops Orpheus by a motion of the hand.)
But a condition is herewith added,
Condition as express as inexplicable, (getting excited,)
That in fact you need not try to explain.
(Orpheus nods that he is ready to obey.)

Towards the Styx gravely, go thou hence—
Precede thy wife, but look not back,
If too anxious to see thy Eurydicea
Thou shouldst disobey my little caprice,
Then she shall be lost to thee forever!

Pl.But that is cheating.
(General murmurs.)
Ju., (terrible and shaking his thunder.)
Who dares to murmur!
(Every one bows.)
Go! behind thee Eurydicea follows . . . .
Look not back! I have said—obey—


(Music. Eurydicea appears veiled, John Styx leads her by the hand.)

Op.(to Orpheus in front of the stage.)

Do not look back,