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Sing hey O, maids! come trole back the pin,
And the fairest maid in the house let us all in.

Come, butler, come, bring us a bowl of the best;
I hope your soul in heaven will rest;
But if you do bring us a bowl of the small,
Then down fall butler, and bowl and all.

And here's a Christmas carol meant for children, and most excellent, and though the monk that wrote it was hung, yet still his verses may be sung.


As I in a hoarie, winter's night
    Stood shivering in the snow,
Surpriz'd I was with sudden heat,
    Which made my heart to glow;
And lifting up a fearefull eye
    To view what fire was neere,
A prettie babe, all burning bright,
    Did in the aire appeare ;
Who, scorchèd with excessive heat,
    Such flouds of teares did shed,
As though his flouds should quench his flames,
    Which with his teares were bred:

Alas! (quoth he) but newly borne.
    In fierie heats I frie,
Yet none approach to warm their hearts,
    Or feele my fire, but I;