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"Good children, gay children,
    Glad children, see here!
I have brought you fine dolls,
    And gay trumpets, and rings,
Noah's arks, and bright skates,
    And a host of good things!
I have brought a whole sackful,
A packful, a hackful!
    Come hither, come hither, come hither and choose!

"Ho! ho! What is this?
    Why, they all are asleep!
But their stockings are up,
    And my presents will keep!
So, in with the candies,
    The books, and the toys;
All the goodies I have
    For the good girls and boys.
I'll ram them, and jam them,
And slam them, and cram them;
    All the stockings will hold while the tired youngsters snooze."

All the while his round shoulders
    Kept ducking and ducking;
And his little, fat fingers
    Kept tucking and tucking;
Until every stocking
    Bulged out, on the wall,
As if it were bursting,
    And ready to fall.