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   About puss-in-the-corner?
   About snap-dragon?
   About forfeits?
   About Miss Smith?
   About the bell-man?
   About the waits?
   About chilblains?
   About carols?
   About the fire?
   About the block on it?
   About school-boys?
   About their mothers?
   About Christmas-boxes?
   About turkeys?
   About Hogmany?
   About goose-pie?
   About mumming?
   About saluting the apple-trees?
   About brawn?
   About plum-porridge?
   About hobby-horse?
   About hoppings?
   About wakes?
   About "feed-the-dove"?
   About hackins?
   About yule-doughs?
   About going-a-gooding?
   About loaf-stealing?
   About Julklaps? (Who has exhausted that subject, we should like to know?)
   About wad-shooting?