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  To the praise of the Crucified.
    Sweeter than tones of the ocean's shells
    Mingle the chimes of the Christmas Bells!

The years come not back that have circled away
  With the past of the Eastern land,
When He plucked the corn on the Sabbath day
  And healed the withered hand;
But the bells shall join in a joyous chime
  For the One who walked the sea,
And ring again for the better time
  Of the Christ that is to be!
    Then ring! — for earth's best promise dwells
    In ye, O joyous Prophet Bells!

Ring out at the meeting of night and morn
  For the dawn of a happier day!
Lo, the stone from our faith's great sepulchre torn
  The angels have rolled away!
And they come to us here in our low abode,
  With words like the sunrise gleam, —
Come down and ascend by that heavenly road
  That Jacob saw in his dream.
    Spirit of love, that in music dwells,
    Open our hearts with the Christmas Bells!

Help us to see that the glad heart prays
  As well as the bended knees;