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Soft and easy is thy cradle;
   Coarse and hard thy Saviour lay.
When His birthplace was a stable,
   And His softest bed was hay.

See the kindly shepherds round him,
   Telling wonders from the sky!
When they sought Him, there they found Him,
With his Virgin-Mother by.

See the lovely babe a-dressing;
   Lovely infant, how He smiled!
When He wept, the mother's blessing
   Soothed and hushed the holy child.

Lo, He slumbers in His manger,
   Where the honest oxen fed;
—Peace, my darling! here's no danger!
   Here's no ox a-near thy bed!

Mayst thou live to know and fear Him,
   Trust and love Him all thy days;
Then go dwell forever near Him,
   See His face, and sing His praise!

I could give thee thousand kisses,
   Hoping what I most desire;
Not a mother's fondest wishes
   Can to greater joys aspire.