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By the same Author.


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Extra fop. 8vo, price 3s. 6d.

"The book should be carefully read by all those whose duties under Mr. Cross's recent Bill are just now commencing."—Medical Times.

"We offer her our hearty commendation, and we trust that her little book will have a wide sale. It is not less interesting than instructive."—Builder.

"There are few who have so good a right to be heard on the matter as the author of this volume. She has not only thought long and deeply on the problem to be solved, but she has worked nobly to aid in its solution. . . . We know nothing in literature of this kind more touching than the simple, unaffected tale of her struggles, disappointments, and triumphs. There is not a word of mere sentimentalism in any one of her papers; she is clear, practical, and definite."—Globe.

"Miss Octavia Hill has grappled successfully with one of the most difficult and disheartening of our social problems."—Nonconformist.