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H. R. Reynolds, W. Eobinson, G. L. Withers, Palmer Law, and C. D. Hardcastle, Henry Piggin, W. S. Rooker, and T. Stamford Raffles, Esqs. He must also present his special thanks to A. C. Hobart Seymour, Esq., who without regard to his own personal trouble has taken a deep interest in the preparation of this work and given him the benefit of his learned researches, and of his personal reminiscences of several distinguished hymn-writers of the last generation; and there are other helpers too numerous to name. The author also feels that it is due to Mr. Daniel Sedgwick, bookseller, of 81, Sun-street, Bishopsgate, to state that from the beginning of his researches he has had his valuable assistance. Indeed, without his rare collection of hymn-books, his " Index of Authors," his valuable "Reprints" and much more, his personal knowledge of this subject accumulated during many years, it would have been very difficult, if not impossible, to have produced this work.

Where so many thousands of facts are included, and some of them very difficult to verify, or at present the subject of literary dispute, and where it is already almost too late to rescue some of them from undeserved oblivion, the author can scarcely hope to have attained to the absolute accuracy he has aimed at. He therefore begs the co-operation of his readers that in a later edition (if the favour of the public should call for it) their corrections may be made, and the few remaining lacuna, may be satisfactorily filled up. He trusts that his work will encourage and assist the excellent modern plan of putting names and dates to the hymns in our collections; that it will supply useful materials to ministers and others, who will see it to be desirable to impart information about our hymns; and that it will be a serviceable contribution to the means that are being employed to enable men to sing " with the spirit and with the understanding also."