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Anna Dober, whose maiden name was Schindler, was born at Kunewalde, in Moravia, April 9, 1713. Her brief life was not too short to include in it useful Christian service. While still in youth we find her at the interesting settlement of Herrnhut, whose history we ordinarily associate with the name of Count Zinzendorf. There she shone in talent and piety, and in the faithful fulfilment of her Christian work.

On July 13, 1737, she married John Leonard Dober, with whom she was associated in Christian labours until her early death. Her husband was for two years (from 1732 to 1734) engaged in a difficult and perilous mission at St. Thomas in the West Indies. In 173-1 he was recalled to undertake the general eldership, a position of great responsibility, in which he had to superintend the whole work of the brethren at home and abroad. He held this office till 1740. She did not publish any work, but she composed many fine hymns, of which several are inserted in the brethren's collection. Her hymns are proofs of the influ ence of Zinzendorf at Herrnhut. They have the same thirsting for holy love, and the same personal devotion to Jesus as the Crucified One, and we can have no doubt that with his spiritual susceptibilities, he felt the presence of Anna Dober, and marked her pathway of light when she ascended to be so early crowned.

JAMES HERVEY, M.A. 1714-1758.

JAMES HERVEY had for his college tutor at Oxford John Wesley, and was one of the small band of godly young men at the University who were in derision called "Methodists"; He was born at Hardingstone, near Northampton. His father was a clergyman. He studied at Lincoln College, and graduated M.A. He was a good scholar, a man of great benevolence, and an earnest evangelical minister. All his available means, together with the profits of his popular works, which were great, were devoted to