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name remains as the fellow-labourer with Tate in the production of the authorised version of the Psalms in use in the Church of England, a work of little poetic merit, and of which more is said under the name of Tate. The Right Hon. Maziere Brady, Lord Chancellor of Ireland, is a descendant of the above writer.



Born of pious parents at Abingdon, Berks, Mr. Joseph Stenuett profited by his religious training, and under his father s ministry was early converted to Christ, and became the most eminent member of a family remarkable for their talent and piety. After receiving some education at the public grammar school at Wallingford, young Mr. Stennett pursued his studies in almost every branch, including philosophy, divinity, and the Oriental languages.

At the age of twenty-two he went to London, where for five years he was engaged in the work of tuition. During this period he increased his store of knowledge, and made the acquaintance of some persons of eminence, to whom he commended himself by his clever productions in prose and verse as well as by his brilliant conversation. In the year 1688, he was married to Susanna, daughter of George Gill, Esq., a French merchant, his wife s elder sister being married to the celebrated Dr. Daniel Williams. About this time he began to preach, and he gave an evening lecture in Devonshire-square, by which he became known. On the 4th of March, 1690, he was ordained the pastor of the congregation there. They were Baptists, and observed the seventh day, and afterwards held their meetings at Pinner s Hall. He continued to be their pastor till his death, and he preached to other congregations on the first day. His family was large, and his remuneration small, but he refused all offers of lucrative pre-