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pany bore this until it became considerable of a bore and it grew evident that if the game went on in that way all night, most of them would be ruined past the hope of redemption. It is beautiful to see brethren dwelling together in unity, but when you have to stand the expense, and make them happy out of your own pocket, the spectacle loses much of its attraction; at least, so thought the others present that night. At length, Joe Ackerson got the deal, and there were some heavy hands out, apparently, judging from the way different parties invested their beans. Downton had gone a "blind;" and Gerry saw it and raised it. Downton made the blind good and raised him; then Gerry saw it and raised him; and so it went on until each had his entire pile on the table, and all the other players had drawn out, and were looking on, except Joe Ackerson, who had announced himself as having had chicken-pie enough, and retired to his luxurious bunk, drawn the drapery of his couch—San Francisco eight pound woolen blankets—around him, and to appearance, at least, laid down to pleasant dreams.

They came to a call at last, and showed their hands. Gerry threw down four kings triumphantly, and reached forward to rake down the coin; but Downton gently repulsed him, and laying four aces before his astonished eyes, pulled it all over to his side of the table, and commenced counting it into twenty dollar heaps, preparatory to stowing it in his pockets and handkerchief. It was perfectly astonishing how quickly these two affectionate and gushing brothers forgot their probable relationship, on which they had doated so much a few minutes before, and went into criminations and recriminations, and from that to belligerent demonstrations.