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At ten a. m. Friday, January 14th., I returned on board the Cleopatra, with the Collector of the Port of Sisal, the Captain of the Port, the 2nd Captain of the Port, the Prefecto Politico and other local officers, the American Consul at Merida, Señor Perucho, the Secretary of the Governor of Yucatan, Señor Rivos, an old and highly intelligent merchant of Merida, and others and the last official presentation and reception of Mr. Seward in Mexico took place.

After an hours conversation on political subjects, the Secretary handed Mr. Seward a letter of which the following is a translation:

The Governor of the State of Yucatan,

To the illustrious American, William H, Seward.

Mr. Seward:—I trust that you have been pleased with the reception you have received in every part of the Republic which you have visited.
You remain but a short time on the shores of our State, which are distant from its capital, but I hasten in the name of its people to cordially welcome you, and to pray you to accept the assurance of that sympathy which all lovers of liberty must feel for men of genius and of heart.
You, Mr. Seward, are a man of eminent genius, for you have to conduct with glory and with skill, the public affairs of your country. You are a man of heart for you have liberated the slaves, uniting in that great work with your fellow countryman, Lincoln, whose martyr memory is blessed to-day by all mankind.
Regretting that we shall not have the honor of a visit from you at this capital, I tender you my best wishes for a safe and pleasant voyage to your native land.


Merida, Yucatan, January 13th., 1870.

The party then took leave of Mr. Seward in the most affectionate manner, and his visit to Mexico was ended.