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Auburn, August 6th, 1870.

My Dear Colonel Evans:—

Your book on Mexico contains the observations which you made while a member of the party with which I traveled through that magnificent and interesting Country. Received and entertained there as a guest of the Republic, I have practiced in regard to Mexico, since my return to the United States, the same delicacy which I expect a friend whom I have been entertaining to practice when he has left my house. For this reason I cannot sanction either your observations or your deductions.

I am at liberty, however, to say that your details of our travels are full and accurate; your account of the resources and capacities of the country is not exaggerated; your pictures of Mexican society will be thought by the public too highly colored: I think that your error lies on the other side. The Statesmen of the country deserve all the praise you have bestowed upon them. Your style is attractive, the book is spirited, and I think it calculated to be useful.


your friend and well-wisher,


Colonel Albert S. Evans, San Francisco, Cal.