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SPECTATOR.—"We have to thank Mrs. Ward for a singularly interesting and stimulating novel, in which, though the Roman Catholic standpoint of the author is never concealed, anything savouring of aggressiveness or proselytism is scrupulously avoided.

CHURCH TIMES.—"We desire to be understood as judging soberly and as measuring our words when we express our opinion that by this work Mrs. Wilfrid Ward has won for herself a place among the very foremost of living novelists."

PUNCH (Baron de Book-Worms).—"Any one who, on your Baronite's advice, makes acquaintance with One Poor Scruple, will at the same time make acquaintance with a singularly cultivated and winning writer whose first book places her in the first rank of contemporary novelists."

TABLET.—"The delicate theme of Madge's temptation is handled with singular tenderness, strength and insight.... Throughout the book an intimate observation goes hand in hand with a playful wit which breaks out delightfully in all manner of unexpected places.... In conclusion, we congratulate Mrs. Ward upon a success which shall outlast a season, and which at once gives her an assured place in the foremost ranks of the writers of contemporary fiction."