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Deawes donketh the dounes,
Deores with huere derne rounes
    Domes for to deme;
Wormes woweth under cloude,
Wymmen waxeth wounder proude,
    So wel hit wol hem seme,
Yef me shal wonte wille of on,
This wunne weole y wole forgon
    Ant wyht in wode be fleme.


ICHOT a burde in boure bryht,
That fully semly is on syht,
Menskful maiden of myht;
    Feir ant fre to fonde;
In al this wurhliche won
A burde of blod ant of bon
Never yete y nuste non
    Lussomore in londe.
        Blow northerne wynd!
        Send thou me my suetyng!
        Blow northerne wynd! blow, blow, blow!

4 deawes] dews. donketh] make dank. deores] animals. huere derne rounes] their secret cries. domes for to deme] whereby they converse. cloude] clod. wunne weole] wealth of joy. fleme] fugitive.

5 Ichot] I know. burde] maiden. menskful] worshipful. feir] fair. fonde] deal with. wurhliche] noble. won] multitude. y nuste] I knew not. lussomore in londe] lovelier on earth. suetyng] sweetheart.