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For hire love y carke ant care,
For hire love y droupne ant dare,
For hire love my blisse is bare
    Ant al ich waxe won.
For hire love in slep y slake,
For hire love al nyht ich wake,
For hire love mournynge y make
    More then eny mon.
        Blow northerne wynd!
        Send thou me my suetyng!
        Blow northerne wynd! blow, blow, blow!


Lines from Love Letters


De Amico ad Amicam

A CELUY que pluys eyme en mounde,
Of alle tho that I have founde
Saluz od treyé amour,
With grace and joye and alle honoure,

Sachez bien, pleysant et beele,
That I am right in goode heele
                Laus Christo!
Et moun amour doné vous ay,
And also thine owene, night and day
                In cisto.

5 dare] am in dismay.won] wan.