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Where the dance is sweeping, Through the greensward peeping,

Shall the soft lights start; Laughing maids, unstaying, Deeming it trick-playing, High their robes upswaying,

O'er the lights shall dart; And the woodland haunter Shall not cease to saunter

When, far down some glade, Of the great world's burning, One soft flame upturning Seems, to his dit-ccrning,

Crocus in the shade.


755 Epta'ph of Dionysia

HERE doth Dionysia lie: She whose little wanton foot Tripping (ah, too carelessly')

Touch'd this tomb and fell into 't.

��Dionysia, o'er this tomb,

Where thy buried beauties be,

From their dust shall spring and bloom Loves and graces like to thee.

�� �