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as it is not over your mouth you are well off. What the devil are you making all this noise about?"

The unterrified Archer found much water between decks, "but nothing to be alarmed at," and he told the watch below to turn to at the pumps, shouting at them:

"Come pump away, my lads! Will you twiddle your thumbs while she drowns the lot of you? Carpenters, get the weather chain-pump rigged."

"Already, sir."

"Then man it, and keep both pumps going. The ship is so distressed that she merely comes up for air now and then. Everything is swept clean but the quarterdeck."

Presently one of the pumps choked, and the water gained in the hold, but soon the bluejackets were swinging at the brakes again, while Lieutenant Archer stood by and cheered them on. A carpenter's mate came running up to him with a face as long as his arm and shouted:

"Oh, sir, the ship has sprung a leak in the gunner's room."

"Go, then, and tell the carpenter to come to me, but don't say a word about it to any one else."

When the carpenter came tumbling aft he was told:

"Mr. Goodenow, I am informed there is a leak in the gunner's room. Do you go and see what is the matter,